Event Calendar

Hello and welcome!  Rather than try and keep up an events page on our website - we have set-up a 
Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Maryland-State-Society) and have begun posting all of our 
events on this page.  This includes all the events including and around the Cherry Blossom 
Festival each spring that includes our Maryland Cherry Blossom Princess!!  

We will try and post pictures on both the website as well as the Facebook page and at the same 
time, link you to our members that also post pictures from our Maryland State Society events.

Check back often on our Facebook page for upcoming events and links to the events having to do 
with the Cherry Blossom festivities.  We look forward to seeing you at our events and having 
you as members.  

And remember to say hello to our amazing Governor Hogan and his wife, Yumi, when you are in 
the Annapolis area.  We are so proud of all the wonderful things they are doing for our great 
State of Maryland!!

Thank You!

Suzanne New
Maryland State Society Past President